About Us

Baja Family Outreach (Iglesia Familia de Dios)  was founded in April 2005 after many Christian outreach events in the community living in the city dump in Tijuana. We felt God calling us to plant a church that would bring God’s message of hope, love, and salvation to the people in and around the city dump.

139                                                                          This community suffers from severe poverty.  Houses are built out of plywood, tarps, and trash from the old dump and have foundations made from used tires. Rain floods the community and most houses leak severely during the storms.  Clean water is hard to access and many people living in the community have to carry purified water jugs into the canyon to bring cooking and drinking water to thier families. Families struggle to provide enough food for thier children and look towards our Breakfast Ministry and church as their refuge and support in hard times. Life is a constant struggle and the community needs hope.  Our Church is providing that hope.


                         We invite you to partner with us in serving this community in need.