Short term missions


We are excited to have the Becks family working with us for the next few days! Several times the last two years this family has ventured from Ohio to Mexico to help serve and minister to our community. They have built beds for families in the area, served in our Breakfast Ministry, worked at a local school and helped us greatly with our Community Center. Their support and hard work has been a huge encouragement and blessing to us and our community!

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Hospital Ministry

Our church serving a meal and praying for those at the local hospitals.

Volunteers from our church come together every week to take God’s love to local hospitals. Finances from hospital bills can be a great burden for families and often wait times at the general hospital can be days on end, so by sharing our faith and ministering to them through prayer and offering a free meal we hope that they will see God shine through us.
The food is supplied by the members of the church that volunteer. A lot of the volunteers live day by day wondering if they will be able to feed their own family but yet are willing to sacrifice the little they have so that others can hopefully see God’s love working through them. Please keep this ministry and the members of our congregation in your prayers.

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Building Project Update


We are making progress on our community center with the first phase of construction being much needed Sunday School classrooms and bathrooms for our church. We currently have no Sunday school classrooms and only a small bathroom downstairs. The Sunday school classrooms are a great need and will also be used for skill classes and as dorms so that we can host visiting missionary groups. The bathrooms we are building will be equipped with showers to better host visitors. This project has been such a blessing and is uniting members of the church and community as they volunteer their time to come out and help build. Here are some photos of our progress. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far, we couldn’t do this without you.

colado community center

centro build

tj roof

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